Following last week’s ice storm, Arkansas City continues the long process of digging out and cleaning up fallen tree limbs and branches. The Public Services Department on Thursday finished making sure major roads were passable. Once the main roadways were cleared, the department’s focus began to shift to smaller residential side streets and then to the alleyways. Residents who are able to do so are reminded to collect fallen limbs and branches by the side of their curbs for pickup this week. If unable to do so, call (620) 441-4460 during
business hours. To report a large tree limb blocking a roadway at any time, call (620) 441-3766. Curbside pickup is expected to continue for about two weeks. In the meantime, residents who have the ability to haul tree debris to the F Street Limb and Compost Site are urged to do. That location will be open temporarily for extended hours.
For questions about tree debris pickup procedure or to request specialized assistance, call (620) 441-4460 during normal business hours.