The Ark City Clinic will be expanding operating hours starting next month to provide urgent care services for walk-in appointments. Beginning on July 4, the clinic will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Healthcare providers will be available to see both call-in and walk-in appointments. The clinic will accept all insurance and will have options available for patients that do not have insurance. South Central Medical Center hopes this new option will relieve some of the strain placed on patients who need immediate care. They also say you need to know the difference between emergency room care and urgent care. If you need minor medical assistance such as treatment of non-threatening allergic reactions, mild fever, animal or insect bites, or minor physical injury, you should seek care from the walk-in clinic. However, if severe or life-threatening symptoms occur, such as high fever, severe pain in the chest or abdomen, difficulty breathing, severe burns, or signs of heart attack, stroke, or poisoning, contact emergency services or visit the emergency room, which is open 24 hours daily.