It’s still up in the air…. The Arkalalah committee is holding off making a final decision about whether or not to hold the event until early September. Organizers now say it may or may not take place, but at this point they can’t say for sure. The Kiwanis Club pancake feed is also doubtful, but although it was earlier cancelled, it may in fact be held. The decision on that too will wait. They say the coronavirus makes the event risky, especially since most of the club’s members are older than 65, and it’s held in pretty close quarters, with 500 to 600 people in close proximity at a time, making it most likely just too much of a risk. The Arkalalah Festival Committee said as of Friday, no groups have officially backed out of the festival or canceled their events at this point. Plans for the event are said to still be progressing, and the committee hopes to make a final decision soon. They say now they have set sometime in September as a go or no go time.