The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP), and local law enforcement agencies around the state have experienced an increase in reports of law enforcement impersonators stopping Kansas travelers. In the past several weeks, the KBI has identified approximately 10 reports of suspected law enforcement impersonations occurring in several counties in the state. So far, no travelers have reported injuries or stolen property during these incidents. In many of the incidents reported, the impersonator is in a vehicle without official police markings, but emergency lights are used. The impersonator often questions whether the driver’s travel is “essential,” or asks for workplace documentation. But the state order as it stands, says nobody leaving their home in order to perform an activity or function allowed under the executive order shall be required to carry or present any letter, identification card, or other paper proving they are allowed to leave their home. If you feel you are the target of an impersonator, you should slow down, activate your hazard lights, and call 911 to confirm the vehicle following you is law enforcement. If you believe you have recently been stopped by a law enforcement impersonator, contact your local law enforcement agency and report the incident.