Winfield police say on September 1st 2022, at approximately 1:14 PM officers from the Winfield Police Department were dispatched to Cherry Street Park (1500 Block of Cherry Street) for a report of suspicious
devices in the park. Upon arrival officers met with employees from the City of Winfield who were performing maintenance in the park. The employees reporting that while mowing in the park they located at least two small items that looked suspicious. During the initial part of the investigation officers located two partial devices and remnants from others on the ground in the park. During the initial investigation it was not believed there was an
immediate threat to the residences around the park, however foot traffic and direct vehicle traffic into the park was closed.
Members of the Winfield Police Department worked directly with administration from Whittier Elementary School to ensure alternate routes around the park were utilized for students who either walk or ride bicycles home from school.
Out of an abundance of caution members from Wichita Police Department’s Bomb Squad responded to investigate. During the investigation three small items were collected and will be investigated further. It is believed this is an isolated incident and no residences were in danger.