The coronavirus pandemic has reportedly slowed down the job of taking the ten year census in Ark City. The local census committee in Ark City is putting together a parade for this weekend. The event will take place on Saturday in the south part of Ark City. Anita Judd-Jenkins, the chair of the Complete Count COmmittee in Ark City, says that the parade will drive through neighborhoods and volunteers will be placing signs in the windows of their cars and floats. They’ll be honking their horns to draw attention while they drive through neighborhoods. The parade starts at 10am on Saturday in the parking lot of Shepherd’s Grace Church, located at 1125 South Summit Street. The website, at this point, says about 65.4 percent of Kansans have responded to the census. Breaking the numbers down locally, however, only 56.9 percent of Ark Citians have responded to the census. Officials say an accurate census count is vital because it determines how much money the federal government doles out each year. In fact, because of an undercount in the 2010 census, Judd-Jenkins says Cowley and SUmner Counties missed out on as much as 33 million dollars in federal assistance over the past decade.