A popular coffee shop and restaurant near downtown Arkansas City, will soon be under new management. Bonita Watkins, who operates a home-based bakery known as Simply Bake Believe in Newkirk, Oklahoma, will take over Steamy Joe in August. Owner Randy Ryel and his wife Ruth, will return to Branson in early June, and they say Watkins is very familiar with the business and she has been a family friend for more than 30 years. Watkins plans to move her business currently in Newkirk… “Lock, Stock and Barrel” to Steamy Joe because she says, in Oklahoma you cannot get a licensed, inspected kitchen in a home business, and without that license, you can only do so much. The move means she will be able to offer her cheesecakes to local restaurants after getting the proper license. As for Steamy Joe, Watkins says it will be business as usual after she takes over.