A nationwide coin shortage has forced at least at least two local businesses in Winfield and Arkansas City, to change their payment policy. The local paper says customers are being required to pay with exact change or with a debit or credit card. The two locations… Wendys and Dillons… each have implemented that policy. At Dillons in Winfield, customers who are unable to pay with exact cash are being given the option to have their change applied to a rewards card, or round the purchase up to the nearest dollar and donate the extra money to a charity. At the Winfield Wendys, they say they still have coins on hand and are able to make change, but the management says they expect to follow Ark City and implement an exact cash, or card only policy by the end of this week. None of the local banks will give change… Union State Bank in Arkansas City released a statement, saying the bank is only receiving half of the coins it usually orders, but so far, it has not caused any serious problems. The COVID virus is being blamed for the coin shortages being experienced nationwide, because of the mints being temporarily shut down. Stay at home orders have also contributed, because people were not out making purchases.