The Arkansas City Municipal Courtroom, which was closed to the public due to
Coronavirus, will reopen with amended procedures to allow for court to continue in an efficient and timely manner while minimizing the exposure risk to all court participants and employees. All attorneys and court participants shall conduct their business in the courtroom promptly and exit the building as soon as their business is complete. Do not loiter in the hallway. A hand sanitizer station will be available at the front entry of the City building. In accordance with Governor Kelly’s Plan to Reopen Kansas, all court participants are strongly encouraged to wear a mask or face covering and abide by social distancing guidelines. Restrooms and drinking fountains will be closed and all surfaces will be cleaned regularly. Only those with a scheduled court appearance (and their attorney) will be permitted in the courtroom. All family members and friends will be asked to wait outside. No children will be allowed in the
courtroom unless authorized by the Court. All court participants with upcoming appearances should expect to appear at the main entrance of the City Building on the day their case is set. Officers from the Arkansas City Police Department will direct individuals where to go and ensure participants maintain 6’ social distance from each other. No participants housed in the Cowley County Jail will be brought to the courtroom unless specifically ordered by the Judge. All previously scheduled trials have been stricken and reset to June 9th for pre-trial conference.