As of Monday, there were a total of 368 cases of coronavirus in Kansas, including eight deaths… that’s the latest word according to the state health department. So far, there have been no positive cases in Cowley County. The total of 368 statewide cases includes an additional 49 cases that were reported yesterday… a little more than 15% increase over Sunday’s numbers. Sedgwick County now has 49 cases. Kay County, Oklahoma continued to report 20 cases… a number that has not changed since Sunday, yet Kay County, with a population of about 44,000, has one of the highest infection rates of any county reporting in Oklahoma. The statewide total positive cases in Oklahoma now stands at 481 and there have been 17 deaths from COVID-19 in all of Oklahoma. A total of 8 have died from the virus in Kansas.
Statewide, 4,922 people have been tested. 4,511 of those tests have come back negative for COVID-19. Meanwhile, health experts say Cowley County has tested more per capita than many other counties in Kansas. While there is no definite cure or vaccine yet, a number of drugs…. particularly drugs that have been successfully used to treat malaria… are showing some astonishing results and have been cleared no by the federal government to be used to treat COVID-19.