Yesterday, the City-Cowley County Health Department received its first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. This is the second shipment of COVID-19 vaccine to reach Cowley County. The Pfizer vaccine was received by William Newton Hospital last week.

A total of 14 front line staff at the Health Department received their first dose of the vaccine this morning. The second will be given in 28 days later. The overall feeling throughout the offices was one of excitement and hope. “What we do sets the tone for what our employees and peers will follow. This is nothing to be afraid of and by doing this we going to finally be able to turn the tide on this pandemic. We’ve not had a tool to fight back with and now we do” stated Public Health Officer Tom Langer, immediately following the receipt of his vaccination as pictured below.



Along with the Health Department staff, 2 Eagle Med staff were also immunized. Vaccine was also shared with the South Central Kansas Medical Center to ensure their front line staff is immunized as well. As future shipments of vaccine are received, vaccinations will be expanded to other medical staff throughout the county, as well as senior citizens and those with underlying illness; followed thereafter by the general public. At present time, there is no vaccine yet marketed for children under 16, though that potential is likely in the future. “The entire process has been, and will remain, a fluid endeavor. There have been few ‘definites’ with the COVID-19 pandemic and timing of vaccine distribution is no different. However, the public can be assured that we are already preparing for how to quickly and effectively distribute the vaccine as we receive it. We’re still all in this together”.