The COWLEY COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE has released their activity report, and it shows they put in a pretty busy day on Tuesday. The day started just after 6:30am, when deputies answered a driving complaint. After that, came more work including a welfare check, an agency assist, several car vs deer incidents, an ID theft report and a report of several horses that got out, along with a traffic complaint. There were other reports later about several horses that were out on the roadway and a report of a vehicle in the 7,000 block of U.S. 77 Hwy and another in the 9,000 block of 82nd Rd. Deputies also responded to the Winfield City Lake for a suspicious vehicle parked in the area, and to the 5,000 block of 252nd Rd. for a suspicious vehicle in the ditch. All in all, there were 19 civil process papers served, 3 accidents investigated, 1 traffic citation issued, and 3 warnings handed out. 13 inmates were received at the county jail, bumping the current jail population in Cowley County to 113 inmates.