The Arkansas City commission has agreed to allow the Walnut Valley Disc Golf Association to set up a disc golf course at the Robert Cox Memorial Park. The sport is growing fast, and one area disc golf league which plays each Thursday evening, now reports as many as 20 people showing up for it. Those who play disc golf cover a wide age range, from young kids to senior citizens. Now, Ark City leaders say disc golf may possibly become one of the programs offered by the Ark City Rec Center. Initially, the course will be only nine holes instead of the usual 18, and they also will be closer together… making it more of a beginner course. It has other benefits too. It would bring in people from out of town. A similar course in Winfield attracts golfers from Wellington, Wichita, Ponca City, and other areas. The eventual goal is to have a large championship course where major tournaments with out-of-town teams could be held over two or three days. It doesn’t cost much to get involved… a three-disc Frisbee starter set costs about $25.