Get ready for drive-through testing for the coronavirus at the Arkansas City hospital. Owners of closed businesses in Cowley County are now being urged to develop a written plan for how they can reopen safely as soon as the green light is given. Cowley County Public Health Officer Thomas Langer now says he has discussed the possibility of drive-up testing for people with COVID symptoms with South Central Kansas Medical Center, and we should watch for more news about that in the coming days. He also said owners and operators of closed businesses need to come up with… as soon as possible… a written plan for how they can safely re-open and still protect everyone. He says it’s not going to be a request… it is going to be a requirement. Reopening is planned to be incremental, with small businesses opening back up first and larger gatherings and meeting spaces taking more time. As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, 187 tests had been done in Cowley County with 168 negative, 16 pending and three positive results. Statewide, 163 new coronavirus cases were reported Tuesday in Kansas for a total of 3,491. There have been a total of 124 virus-related deaths. Total cases in Oklahoma on Tuesday reached 3,410. There have been a total of 207 deaths in Oklahoma, and 93 percent of all cases there are described as recovered.