Good news in Cowley County…. for now anyway and we will take that… as no confirmed cases of coronavirus have turned up yet. According to the county health department, as of Tuesday afternoon, 12 people have been tested, and 4 of those tests have come back negative, with results expected on the others within the next 24 hours or so. Meanwhile, Cowley County has stepped up the number of tests being given, but they say the still have to be careful not to run out of supplies. They also say that the fact that none of the tests so far have come back positive, is a good sign. It means the steps being taken are working. Now though, a spike in influenza cases has complicated things, because COVID-19 and influenza have similar symptoms. County health officials say taking responsibility for their own health including self-isolation for 14 days, is one of the best things anyone can do if they suspect that they may have been exposed. The health department now has a phone line dedicated to the coronavirus, (620) 221-3916.