Governor Laura Kelly announced today that total tax collections for March 2023 were $758.3 million. That is $64.9 million, or 9.4%, more than the monthly estimate. That is also $78.7 million, or 11.6%, more than March 2022. Individual income tax collections were $314.6 million. That is $438,000 less than the estimate but $16.4 million, or 5.5%, more than March 2022. Corporate income tax collections were $102.6 million, which is $75.6 million, or 279.9%, more than the estimate and $74.9 million, or 271.1%, more than March 2022. Combined sales and compensating use tax receipts were $275.4 million, which is $422,000 more than the estimate and $4.9 million, or 1.7%, less than March 2022. The reduced year-over-year receipts for March from these tax sources are due in part to the reduction of state sales tax on food and food ingredients.