As a show of respect and support for healthcare workers and emergency responders, the public is invited to join in a motorcade driving around the William Newton Hospital campus Monday, April 20.

Headlights for Heroes participants are asked to meet at 6:45 p.m. in the parking lot of the Winfield Recreation Commission at 624 College St. Individuals should remain in their vehicles to practice social distancing and turn on their headlights.

Winfield Fire and EMS, Winfield Police Department, and Cowley County Sheriff’s Office will lead the motorcade with lights flashing down 5th avenue to cheer on hospital and medical staff at 7:00 p.m.

By scheduling the event at shift-change, William Newton Hospital Director for Human Resources Tiffany Shinneman hopes to send an impactful message to as many staff as possible.

“Our healthcare heroes should know they are not alone. We stand together to protect our community,” says Shinneman.

Community member Eric Andreas had reached out to the hospital with a similar idea after seeing it on a news report. “I just want to thank them for all they are doing to keep our hospital going,” Andreas explains.

Andreas, who was born at William Newton Hospital and has been a Winfield resident for 62 years, is encouraging others to join and make signs to hang outside their vehicles. “We’d like to have as many people as possible!”

William Newton Hospital’s Director of Marketing Sarah Johnson says Headlights for Heroes is one of many appreciation efforts happening at the hospital.

“This is a great excuse to get out of the house and go for a drive. Making posters with the family would be a fun weekend activity,” Johnson suggests. “If you can’t join in the motorcade on Monday evening, get creative with your own headlights at home.”

She invites the community to show support on social media by posting their own pictures using the hashtags #HeadlightsforHeroes and #FrontlineStrong. To learn more, contact Johnson at 620-221-2300 or find the event on Facebook.