Plans to build a homeless shelter in Arkansas City are still active, but they are moving ahead a little slower for now. The Cowley House of Hope shelter will be built on property that has been donated by the Shepherd’s Grace Church in Ark City under plans that have been underway since 2017. RAising the money to build it though, has been a long and slow process. Organizers say they now have about $30,000, much of it raised over the past 18 months. Construction cost estimates now though, are running as high as $75,000, so they say they plan on applying for a lot of grants to make up the difference. Some fundraising efforts have been hobbled by coronavirus, but hopefully they say, those efforts will soon get back on track. According to estimates, there are between 100 to 150 homeless people in Cowley County, but a true and accurate count is difficult due to their transient nature.