Winfield High School has found a way for the public to safely honor their Seniors. They are asking the Winfield community to honk their horns at exactly 2:00 pm on Sunday, May 17th. This is not a graduation ceremony. A graduation ceremony will be held on July 25th per KDHE guidelines.


The event on May 17 is a safe way for Seniors to say farewell to staff members. Seniors will be riding in a parade of cars driven by their parents. Parents will drive their Seniors on a designated route starting at exactly 2:00 pm when the original graduation ceremony would have started. The parade of WHS Seniors will start when the Winfield community honks their horns in honor of those students graduating. The Seniors will be driven past staff members practicing social distancing on the backside of WHS. Staff members will be waving, cheering, and congratulating as the Seniors drive by.


Due to the limitations of public gatherings, this is not a public event. This event is about the Seniors having an opportunity to say goodbye to their teachers. We are asking the public to please understand and be courteous by staying home and letting the Seniors have this moment.

The Senior procession will be streamed with Facebook live during the event. We are asking our community to tune in to watch on the Winfield High School Facebook page. We want to say thank you to our community for supporting our Seniors and being understanding during this difficult time. We appreciate in advance our community members limiting their participation to honking their horns at exactly 2:00 pm and tuning in on Facebook live.


To WHS Seniors:

Senior Honor Parade

May 17th at 2:00 pm

Line up on Warren Street at 1:30 pm

The parade will go east on Warren, turn north on Viking Boulevard, then turn into the north entrance of Winfield Middle School. From there the cars will drive around the back of the high school where staff will be waiting.

We strongly encourage parents to be the ones driving their seniors through the parade.

Students are to remain in vehicles while they are preparing for the parade. We know you haven’t seen your friends in quite some time, but please exercise all social distancing guidelines and remain in your vehicles.

This is not an event for your cap and gown since this is not the graduation ceremony.

Please call Winfield High School with any questions. 620-221-5160