The bleeding at South Central Kansas Medical Center continues… at least financially. The hospital reported a year-to-date lost of $3.8 million compared to the same period last year. According to a report issued to the hospital board of directors on Thursday by CEO Jeff Bowman, the difficulties go deeper than just financial too. He says employees are under tremendous emotional stress during the coronavirus pandemic and they are not receiving community support. According to the local paper, Bowman said the financial deficit could be directly attributed to COVID-19 because of a big drop in patient receivables, not an increase in expenses. The $3.8 Million loss also does not include the grants and government loans that the hospital has received, including a $1.5 million federal loan to cover payroll. That amount could be forgiven, but that too is uncertain right now. If that were to happen, it would certainly help improve the financial picture. In addition to the hospital losses, during May and June, all three of SCKMC’s clinics reported a loss. The Ark City Clinic alone reported a loss of more than $200,000.