A Kansas man facing a civil lawsuit over his autopsy services has now been temporarily banned by court order from offering services related to COVID-19 while the lawsuit is pending. 37 year old Shawn Parcells and his affiliated companies have been banned for more than a year from conducting autopsies, forensic pathology and tissue recovery in the State of Kansas under a temporary restraining order in a civil lawsuit the attorney general filed in March 2019. The new order extends the existing restraining order to prohibit the defendants from, among other things… offering any services in connection with the human body including but not limited to coronavirus, COVID-19 and any treatment, protocol, diagnosis, medication, opinion, or other recommendation. The expanded restraining order was requested by the attorney general’s office after the court found that Parcells had formed new businesses and websites, including social media, that offered consulting services for coronavirus and COVID-19. Parcells was offering to perform swabs for purported coronavirus testing and examine deceased persons to determine if they were positive for COVID-19.