As part of Exploration Place’s Summer Camps, Cowley College has partnered with the science center to host a LEGO Community Camp June 20-24 at its main campus in Arkansas City. Exploration Place is hosting a series of camps at local community partner sites and Cowley College is eager for children age 6-13 to join the fun during its LEGO Community Camp held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Campers will build their own LEGO car and race to the finish line, master their own free throw LEGO trick shot and build a bobsled and watch their Lego people slide to the finish line. Campers will also compete for the highest score in a LEGO hockey challenge, illuminate their own future city, design their own dream home, create robotic animal sidekicks and step into the world of augmented reality when their LEGO build comes to life. Registration can be done at