Governor Laura Kelly has issued an executive order saying that people must wear masks in public. But the three main law enforcement agencies in Cowley County say they will not enforce it. Furthermore, when Cowley County Commissioners meet on Friday, they could actually opt out of the statewide order. On Wednesday, Cowley County Sheriff Dave Falletti said he does not plan to enforce the mandate because not wearing a mask is a civil issue, and deputies don’t arrest people for civil issues. Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has so far, not commented on the matter and his office says he won’t comment until more information is released. Arkansas City Police also say they will not be enforcing a mask wearing order. In Winfield, a spokesperson for the police department there, said… according to the Cowley Traveler… that based on past experience, such as when Winfield Police did not enforce the governor’s stay at home order, Winfield police will not arrest anyone for not wearing masks.