Arkansas City Police arrested a man who they say broke into a home and threatened the occupant. 33 year old Ramon Gomez-Calletano is now facing one felony count each of aggravated burglary; criminal threat; identity theft; and interference with a law enforcement officer. His arrest comes after Ark City Police answered a call Monday afternoon at a trailer park on West Kansas Avenue about a disturbance, where a woman told them that Gomez-Calletano entered her home without permission and threatened her life. When police found him hiding in the bathroom, he told them at first that his name was Domingo Lorenz Gomez. Investigators however, figured out who he really was, and then discovered Gomez-Calletano was using a false Kansas driver’s license and two Social Security cards, none of which actually belonged to him to work in Sumner County. He is now in the Cowley County Jail.