After the Walnut Valley Festival was canceled, and other major events this summer and fall were questionable, but now it appears many will occur despite the continuing threat of coronavirus in the background, many folks are starting to take another look at all of this. Arkalalah is still scheduled to be held in the last week of October. But the Cowley County Fair has been cancelled. The K&O Steam and Gas Engine Show and Last Run Car Show have yet to make the call. With all of that in mind, the local newspaper polled residents on Facebook about how they viewed it and whether or not they would attend major events. Out of more than 170 responses, less than 40 said they would not attend such events due to possible exposure risks. In fact, many said they felt the risks were overstated and they saw no reason to cancel any activities or remain at home. Most said it comes down to simple things, like washing your hands, having hand sanitizer, and perhaps a mask if social distancing can’t be done. Most agreed that people need to carry on with life… and we all can’t live in a bubble forever. Just take extra precautions, and stay home if you’re sick.