Gov. Laura Kelly’s ruling this week, saying everyone statewide has to wear a mask when out in public is getting a lot of heated backlash. Some point to the fact that it is ill timed too… because specific information on just what is required and where it is required, will not be released until sometime tomorrow/Thursday, making any response more difficult because many folks are already away from home for the 4th of July weekend, so they are not even in a position to respond if they wanted to. The Cowley County Commission had been planning to meet Thursday afternoon to decide on what the local course of action would be, but according to the local paper, their counselor told them they could not take any action until they actually see the document. Now, the commission plans to hold meeting at 9am Friday at the courthouse, but because some commissioners will be out of town, the meeting will have to be held on Zoom. So far, county leaders say most of the response they have been getting has been against the governor’s mask mandate. Sen. Larry Alley of Winfield, said he thinks the governor has “overstepped her boundaries.” Alley said he has already heard several other county commissions have already met and decided that they will not enforce the governor’s mandate. Alley went even farther, saying he has not worn a mask himself because he can’t get a medical decision from anyone about what type of mask MIGHT prevent COVID-19.