Do you want to meet movie icon  Audrey Hepburns gg granddaughter Paris Hepburn on The Gateway Series  in NEWKIRK, OKLAHOMA???
In addition to Miss Hepburn, two Kansas natives have been cast as major characters and will be at the event on Sunday. Mia Lynn Martens, native of Winfield who now lives in Wichita, has been cast in the female lead in The Gateway. Carson McDade, a 13-year-old middle school student from Udall, has also landed a major role.
Where: Raman-Martin Film Productions
              107 N MAIN ST, NEWKIRK, OK
When: Feb 20th
Time:  6pm-7pm
Don’t miss out!!
THE PRESS is welcome as well as the NEWS Stations but please contact us at [email protected] if you’d like a private interview.
Ponca city News is going to be present along with others.
****Take photos and get autographs from Paris Hepburn****
If you miss Paris Hepburn on the 20th you’ll have a second opportunity at the same place and time on the 21st when Paris Hepburn on The Gateway Series will stand with the main cast of The up and coming Gateway Series! Filming begins in July 2021 part of which will be in Newkirk, Oklahoma.
A Lisa Lee Martin Film
Based off of The Gateway book series coming out in 2021 by Lisa Lee Martin.