Public-health advisories are in effect across the state due to blue-green algae. Authorities say dangerous blooms may look like foam or scum – or even paint floating atop the surface of ponds, lakes and slow-flowing rivers and creeks. The material reportedly may be appear to be blue, green, red or brown in color. If you see it on the water or at the shoreline, avoid contact and keep pets away.

Gas prices nationwide have no passed the 5-dollar mark, gas prices in the Sunflower State managed to stay below $5 a gallon. According to Triple-A on Sunday, the average price for a gallon of regular was $4.66. Nationwide gas is $5.01. California continues to lead the nation with an average price of just over six dollars, 40 cents.

The Wentz pool will be closed this week, no word as to why. The city of Ponca City apologizes for an inconvenience. The pool will re-open on Saturday.

Two boil water advisories have been issued in the past eight months. Officials are hoping that the new $500 million dollar Wichita Water Treatment plant under construction will help alleviate this issue. It is currently slated to up and running in 2025 and will be able to treat 120 million gallons of water a day.

An Ark City man was arrested early Friday after he rolled his car on 71st Road near old Highway 77 just northeast of Ark City. The Crowley County Sheriff’s Department officials say that 51-year-old Michael Shea was arrested and charged with a suspended drivers license, driving under the influence, driving with an open container and possession of marijuana.

Local police are releasing the identity of a man who was killed in Wednesday night’s vehicle collision in Derby. Department sources say 27-year-old Kurtis Tabor was declared dead at the crash scene at Patriot Avenue near Rough Creek Road. Tabor reportedly was ejected from his vehicle when it collided head-on with a westbound vehicle around 10 p.m. The other driver, I.D’d only as a juvenile, was hospitalized in critical condition. No other injuries were reported.

The City of Wichita is looking for a new Top Cop. Authorities say they’re using a consulting firm to handle a nationwide search for the city’s next police chief. A department source said they hope to name a new chief sometime in the fall.