Kristin Munson is being recommended to serve as Arkansas City’s city prosecutor. If approved, Munson’s one-year contract would then become effective March 1st, and Munson would be paid $45,000 a year for her work. Munson is an attorney with the local firm Wilson, Brewer & Munson, and in addition to the annual salary, she would also be entitled to a budgeted cost of living adjustment and additional merit increases based on performance each year. She would be the one who would represent Arkansas City in municipal court cases. She would also attend any state or national seminars for municipal law that would benefit the city. Unless she or the city were to provide a 90-day written notice of termination, her contract would automatically renew each year. Other terms of the agreement, state that Munson would withdraw from a case if a conflict of interest were to arise in the representation of the city and one of her private clients, unless both parties were to waive it, and then only if Munson thought she could still comply with attorney ethics rules. Munson opened a private practice in Ark City in 2012 and joined the law firm in 2018. Larry Schwartz has been serving as the temporary city attorney since former city attorney Tamara Niles stepped down in September.