There is now a new Chief Finanical Officer at Arkansas City Medical Center. Debbie Hockenbury… the former CFO at the hospital in Winfield, took over the Ark City position this week. Hockenbury stepped into her new job this past Wednesday, and she will now become the third person to hold that position since Holly Harper left in September 2018 to head up the finance department at Cowley College. Expectations are high, as Hockenbury has 18 years of knowledge in the field, and hospital administrators say medical field knowledge is priceless. The medical center has struggled financially in recent years, and now with more losses being attributed to the coronavirus situation, a lazer focus on financials is critical. Hockenbury has extensive experience in hospital finances. She began her career in 2003 and in 2013 took over as CFO at William Newton Hospital, where she served until June 2018. She was a cost accountant at Skyline Champion homebuilders from January 2019 until this month.