A drug sniffing K9 will once again soon be part of the Cowley County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Dave Falletti made the request on Tuesday… and County Commissioners approved it…. The new K9 officer will cost $8,000 plus training… the money to pay for it comes from the sheriff’s Special Equipment Fund. A Dutch German Shepherd named Taz is being trained as what is being described as a single-purpose police narcotics and article search and detection dog. Because the legal status of marijuana remains sort of up in the air so to speak, the dog will not… for now anyway… be trained to sniff out pot. According to the contract that has been approved by the county, the dog will be fully trained when it is delivered to the police. That contract also guarantees the health of the dog, along with its temperament for two years, and states that the handler will be trained by the seller and receive certification, which will then have to be renewed annually. A Dutch Shepherd is closely related to a German or Belgian Shepherd, but it has a brindle coat either short- or wire-haired. They are described as being very versatile and very smart. The dogs were originally used as watchdogs, herders and family pets. The American Kennel Club describes the Dutch Shepherd as a loyal companion and competent working dog. The exact date of Taz’s arrival in Cowley County has not yet been determined.