A few days ago, we told you about Cowley College’s plan to purchase and renovate the Carnegie library. Now, it appears that plan has gone down in flames, after the owner of the property… Roger Sparks… rescinded his offer to sell the building under the terms that had been previously negotiated. Sparks was at the trustee board meeting, where he told school leaders that if he were a member of the college staff and his salary had been frozen, if his staff and operating expenses had been cut, he would feel the same way as many of the colleges employees do. He said he would make the decision easy for board members… the offer is not on the table anymore. Sparks said he and his family will find some other use for the property. Sparks said this was the third time that he and his wife had gone through the process with the college. He said an attorney had been hired each time to negotiate a contract, and each time it fell through.