The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cowley County has increased… by one. Test results received over the weekend, show the current case involves a young man that reported feeling ill to his employer. The positive result was reported to the Cowley County Public Health Officer on Sunday, and the health department is now performing contact tracing. The patient… who has not been publicly identified… and his family are now in quarantined, and immediate family members are being tested and monitored for any change in health conditions. Prior to reporting the illness to his employer, the patient had shown no symptoms and was previously interacting in the community in a normal fashion including going to work, shopping and other
necessary activities. The patient’s wife has been working from home and the family has not traveled extensively. The health department is monitoring everyone that may be remotely connected to this case, and they say anyone exposed by close contact will be quarantined and will remain in isolation until the illness has passed.