Robin Hood was in Cowley County Court on Monday, where he was sentenced to time served after pleading guilty earlier this year to one count of attempted arson, after police say he tried to blow up his ex-wife’s camper during the 2019 Cowley County Fair. The charge was a felony, and he could have served up to 9 months in prison. But Chief Judge Nicholas St. Peter said Robin Hood had already served 250 days behind bars in the Cowley County Jail… which the judge said would satisfy his sentence. Prosecutors asked Judge St. Peter about putting Robin Hood on probation, but St. Peter said that since the sentence was already served, there is nothing to put Robin Hood on probation for. At yesterday’s hearing, Robin Hood’s ex-wife spoke… saying she just wants Robin Hood to leave her alone so that she no longer feels threatened by him. Robin Hood said he just wants to go back to work as a pipe fitter.