The Green Team of Southwestern College will again collaborate with the City of Winfield for an e-waste recycling event from 3 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2, at the The Arkansas City/Winfield Recycling Center located at 7th Avenue and D Street in Strother Field. (Use the East driveway to ENTER the Recycling Center Building and EXIT out the West driveway after dropping off electronics.) The Green Team will be accepting donations to help offset the cost of transporting electronics to the recycler.

Jason Speegle, director of Green Team at Southwestern College, said, “Recycling electronic devices is very important for our planet and our community. When electronics go to the landfill, they have the potential to leach hazardous toxins into our soil and drinking water. Recycling electronics ensures that they are disposed of safely and many of the components can be reused. During the past 7 years, this event has collected and recycled over 100,000 pounds of obsolete electronic devices from the Winfield and Ark City communities.”

Businesses and individuals may bring items to the event. GON Recycling will collect the items and process them for recycling. GON Recycling guarantees 100 percent security on all hard drives and customer information. They are e-Stewards, R2 and ISO 14001 Certified.

GON Recycling accepts the following electronic items: computers, laptops, servers, network equipment, LCD Monitors, printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers, POS scanners & equipment, stereo equipment, small household appliances such as toasters, irons, and coffee pots, telephones, telecommunications equipment, phone systems, security equipment, industrial equipment, UPS systems, cell phones, VCRs, radios, keyboards & computer mice, lead acid batteries, re-chargeable batteries, industrial control panels, ink & toner.

Medical equipment that has been inspected and decontaminated of blood borne pathogens, fluids, solvents, pressure gases or radioactive sources is also accepted. Proof of decontamination is required. This can be a decontaminated sticker or paperwork attached to the unit.

The Green Team and GON Recycling will recycle CRT TVs and monitors for a $5 fee. Everything else is no cost. If you need to recycle these items, please bring the funds to pay the recycling fee.

GON Recycling cannot accept these items: refrigerators, air conditioners that are not properly drained, light bulbs, smoke alarms, alkaline batteries and items that contain blood borne pathogens, fluids, solvents, Freon, pressure gases, radioactive or gasoline sources.

Speegle said, “On behalf of the Green Team at Southwestern, and the City of Winfield, we are excited to continue to be able to provide this service to the Winfield community. ”

For questions about recycling, please contact Jason Speegle at (620) 229-6311 or by email at [email protected].