Power interruptions were widespread Tuesday in the Cowley County area, after freezing rain caused falling branches and downed power lines. In Arkansas City, workers were said to be stretched to the breaking point, after all of Ark City, along with Strother Field and the surrounding area lost power yesterday morning around 11. City crews connected generators to run traffic lights, along with manually directing traffic and adding some temporary stop signs. There were no reports of any major incidents though, as most drivers slowed down and paid attention. Cowley County Commission Chairman Wayne Wilt approved a local disaster emergency proclamation which will remain in effect for the next seven days. Winfield residents are asked to place tree limbs that came down at the curb for pickup, but if they have a way to get them to the compost site on their own, city officials say that would be a big help. As always, folks continue to be warned… if you come across a downed power line… do not approach it! It could be live.