The Ark City Tumbleweeds Club, sponsor of this year’s 45th annual Last Run Car Show set for September 25th through the 27th, voted on Friday to move forward with plans to hold the event. The Tumbleweeds said that social distancing would be observed, and they will work with the City-Cowley County Health Department to make sure the event is as safe as possible for everyone. They say it all comes down to simple common sense… if you feel ill or if you have taken the test and are awaiting your results, you should stay home. They say they will abide by the governor’s recent order to wear a mask in public places, and they will ask all attendees to do the same. They also say though, that it will be a suggestion, and they don’t have any way to police it. They say one of their main concerns about canceling the show was the loss of revenue to local merchants…. money that many of them count on each year. This year especially they say, after two other major events, the Walnut Valley Festival and the Cowley County Fair, have already been canceled and will have a huge negative financial impact on the local economy.