As of 11 a.m. Thursday morning, there are 11 documented cases of COVID-19 in Kay County. Oklahoma State Health Department says that there are now 248 casesof COVID-19 reported statewide.

Seven Oklahomans have died from the virus. Two of which were in Oklahoma County as of recent and one in Norman Wednesday night. For surrounding counties, Grant County has no cases, Osage and Logan Counties have 3 cases, Noble County remains with 2 cases, 5 cases for Payne County and 10 for Pawnee County. According to health officials, 958 people have tested negative, and 86 people have been hospitalized.

For Kansas, we are also hearing that a COVID-19 case is in Sumner County, Kansas where a stay at home order was issued. The order goes into effect for Sumner County starting Friday night and lasting until April 25. Sedgewick County now has 13 cases.