KDOT has contracted with Finney & Turnipseed to complete fracture critical bridge inspections on select county bridges. They plan to be in Cowley County on Wednesday July 7th (weather permitting). The nature of these inspections requires the use of a snooper truck so they will need to fully close each road during the actual inspection. They will contact dispatch each time they close and open a road. They plan to start with Bridge 99 east of the Dexter Y around 8 a.m. and move on from there. This first one will take most of the day and the others will only be closed about an hour each. Below is a list of the roads/bridges they will be inspecting.


  • Bridge FAS 99 east of the Dexter Y on 162nd Road over Grouse Creek (will be closed most of the day Wednesday)
  • Bridge OS 106 south of Silverdale on 141st Road over Grouse Creek
  • Bridge OS 143 8 miles east of Atlanta on 307th Road over Grouse Creek
  • Bridge FAS 69 2 miles west of Rock on 30th Road over Walnut River