TOPEKA – COVID-19 vaccinations and testing will both be available at the Kansas State Fair Sept. 10-19. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment will staff a vaccination and testing booth located at 9 Wheat State Lane. The booth will run for the duration of the fair. Both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines will be available.

With the increased presence of the Delta variant in Kansas, local health departments, providers, and community groups are continuing to hold free COVID-19 vaccine and testing clinics.

“With the rise of the Delta variant, it is critical now more than ever that every Kansan continues to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19,” said Lee Norman, M.D., Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. “Getting every eligible Kansan vaccinated and keeping testing accessible are critical to our efforts to slow the spread of the virus, protect our businesses, and keep kids in school.”

This event is part of a sustained effort to mobilize Kansans to get vaccinated and/or tested to stop the spread of COVID-19 to protect themselves and loved ones. Free testing is available to everyone in Kansas, regardless of vaccination status and even if you have been tested before.

The vast majority of new COVID-19 cases in the State of Kansas are being caused by the Delta variant. This variant continues to cause the number of cases to rise at the level that was seen in November 2020.

The Delta variant is highly contagious, more than twice as contagious as previous variants. The greatest concern is for those who are unvaccinated. Data shows that this variant causes more severe illness in people who are unvaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccines reduce a person’s risk of contracting the virus, including this variant. Additionally, it has been shown to prevent severe disease and death.

Additional vaccine and testing events are happening in communities across the state. To find a free testing location in your community, or guidance about who should get tested, visit: