South Central Kansas Medical Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Jose Luis Hinojosa (Eee-Nuh-Ho-Suh) to their list of active physicians. Dr. Hinojosa (Eee-Nuh-Ho-Suh) started working in the Ark City Clinic on July 27th after transferring from Logan County Health Services. He will serve as a primary care provider and sports
medicine specialist. Dr. Hinojosa (Eee-Nuh-Ho-Suh) has a 30-year track record of engaging in patient care in clinic, hospital, and emergency room settings. Dr. Hinojosa (Eee-Nuh-Ho-Suh) did his pre-med education at Brown University and received his MD degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Hinojosa and his wife have six children and five grandchildren. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hinojosa (Eee-Nuh-Ho-Suh) call the Ark City Clinic at (620) 442-2100.