Graduation plans for Winfield High School 2020 Seniors are being planned by a graduation committee made up of WHS Seniors and staff. The committee wants to make sure that every possible effort is made to recognize WHS Seniors in the safest and most rewarding way possible. The graduation committee’s priority is to keep students safe, while giving them the recognition they deserve. As WHS Seniors prepare to graduate into a pandemic, it is WHS’ responsibility to exhaust every possible effort to provide them with as normal and safe of a graduation ceremony as possible.

Saturday, July 25th has been selected for a graduation ceremony to occur for Winfield High School. WHS knows some students may not be able to participate in a summer graduation.

May 17th, the original graduation date, has been selected for a community graduation celebration activity at 2:00 pm to honor what would have been an important day for WHS Seniors. The hope is that every Senior will get to participate in something. This will not be the graduation ceremony, but a simple celebration.

The graduation committee is in the process of developing three possible graduation celebrations based on different health regulation scenarios. As CDC, KDHE, and local health department regulations continue to unfold, the logistics of a graduation celebration will be updated. More details will be released as they are made available. Please contact Winfield High School with questions. 620-221-5160.