Classes at Winfield Public Schools will begin Sept. 9, with masks required for students who attend in person classes. The “Return to Learn Plan” announced this week, offers families two options… remote-only learning, where students will learn online at home, and parents or caretakers will be responsible for documenting and signing weekly school work logs and submitting them to the school. Under that plan, students will be assigned a teacher to connect with daily. The second option has three different levels of in-person schooling, depending on occupancy restrictions. The first level has no occupancy restrictions, social distancing will be enforced when possible, and health screening questions, hand washing, temperature checks, and masks will all be a part of it. The second level is a hybrid in-person/online class schedule if occupancy restrictions are in place. That would mean half of all students in each building will attend in-person classes Monday and Tuesday, and the other half will attend in person on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday would be reserved each week for cleaning, with some high-risk students in the building. All students will take part in remote learning for the three days they are not in their building. Level three will include distance learning and working for all staff and students, and it would be put in place if another stay-at-home order were to be issued.