The City of Winfield, in partnership with the Kansas Power Pool, plans to install at At least two public-use electric vehicle charging stations are planned for Winfield. They will be installed in a partnership between the city and Kansas Power Pool, and the Level 2 charging stations will cost around $3,000 each. The cost will be split evenly between Winfield and the KPP. While the exact locations where they will be installed are still being discussed, it has already been agreed that they will be placed in areas where they will most likely be used by travelers to Winfield. The chargers can re-charge both hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Local residents can also of course, use them, but they are seen primarily as just another way to draw visitors to the city. While so-called “Level 2” stations are not “fast-charge” stations, they will still provide enough of a charge to top off a vehicle’s reserves within about an hour… long enough for visitors to get a quick re-charge while they take in entertainment or recreation venues, enjoy a meal at local restaurants or shop in local stores. At least one of the stations will be located downtown.