A wreck involving five-motorcycles happened Saturday on U.S. 77 Highway… sending at least two people to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. According to the Cowley County Sheriff’s office, it happened just before 3:30 Saturday afternoon, when the five motorcycles were traveling northbound and approached road work and saw a flagger with Mission Construction step out into traffic and wave their arms at them. Investigators say the operator of the first motorcycle slammed on the brakes and slid, causing the other vehicles to crash. Deputies say the flagger was not holding a stop sign, and it was unclear what that flagger was trying to get the drivers to do. 63 year old Anna Esparza and 66 year old Rodolfo Esparza… both of Towanda… were rushed to the hospital by Winfield EMS. There has been no update on their conditions. The other motorcycle drivers were all from Andover. They were not seriously hurt. The accident remains under investigation.