If you need something educational to watch while the kids are home, here’s some good options:

The Magic School Bus

When a science concept just isn’t clicking for your students … Ms. Frizzle to the rescue! Stream episodes on the human body, gardening, weather, and more.

Ask the Storybots

The only thing more curious than the bots are kids. Celebrity appearances and a music video at the end of each episode only add to the fun.

The Who Was? Show

Based on the popular book series, this live-action sketch-comedy show brings important historical figures, like King Tut, Marie Antoinette, and Pablo Picasso, to life in an entertaining and hilarious way.

Dino Hunt

Top scientists examine fossils found in Canada while looking for an elusive, new species!

If I Were an Animal

Observe different animals as they age from babies to adults.

Disney Nature: Oceans

This documentary explores the ocean depths and the creatures who live within.

Dream Big

This compelling documentary showcases some of the world’s biggest engineering achievements.

Carmen Sandiego

That’s right, gumshoes! The story of the legendary professional thief has been remixed into a cartoon series. But in this iteration, Carmen is trying to thwart evil. Those of us who grew up playing the computer game and watching the game show will love introducing the globe-trotting Carmen to a new generation of kids.

Night on Earth

New technology showcases the hidden lives of nocturnal creatures.

Cutest Animals

Discover 72 of the cutest animals on earth and how their adorable features help protect them.

I am Kalam

Introduce students to other cultures with this film about a child who is inspired by the life of India’s president

The Short Game

Introduce students to the world of sports with these star golf athletes who are still in grade school.


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