Murphy and Jodi play this family game at the table every Thanksgiving!

All you need is:

A jar
Craft sticks

Ask friends and family to write a question on each craft stick. These could be funny questions, thoughtful questions, or conversation starters!

We asked YOU on Facebook and you had some great (and funny!) question suggestions:

Who is one person in the room you admire and why?
How do you pronounce pecan pie? Is it peecaaan or peecan?
If a theme song played every time you entered a room, what would it be?
How do you hang the toilet paper?
Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Now, put all of the craft sticks in the jar. Pass the jar around the table at Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone must pull a stick and answer the question. You’ll love the answers you get!

We hope you start a new Thanksgiving tradition with this game. Enjoy!