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Here's What's Happening

Get Set For Movie Nights!

The 2016 Outdoor Summer Movie Series will kick off Friday night in Arkansas City with a double feature under the Wilson Park rotunda on N. Summit St. A total of 13 movies are planned each Friday night through June 24... except June 3, due... Read More.

Autopsy Results Still Pending In Graham Death Case

The autopsy results for Jim Graham could be several weeks away. The Traveler reports today, that Sheriff Don Read and his office are still awaiting results from Graham’s autopsy to determine his exact cause of death. That toxicology report, according to the sheriff, could... Read More.

Optimists Planning Bike Rodeo

Optimists of Arkansas City are again joining with businesses and volunteers from the Arkansas City police and fire departments for a bicycle rodeo for children in Ark City, which is set for May 7th at Reedy Ford. The highlight will be on bicycle safety... Read More.

LaFiesta Is Open Again In Ark City

An Ark City restaurant is now open once again. La Fiesta opened up Monday, for the first time since March 21st. The restaurant was shut down back then, and a bright orange placard was placed in the window, saying that the building was unsafe... Read More.

Candidates forum scheduled for July 14 in Bolton Township

A forum allowing candidates for local office to speak with Bolton residents, and present their stances on issues pertaining to the area, is planned for mid-July. Meeting facilitator Russell Graves said he will invite the candidates in this year’s elections to the meeting, which... Read More.

Organized thieves targeting residential mailboxes

A group of organized thieves have been traveling from out-of-county to target the contents of residential mailboxes. The Ark City Traveler is reporting Undersheriff Jeff Moore said a group of criminals from the Harvey County area have been targeting mailboxes and stealing mail. This... Read More.

Mail Theft Warning Posted

Law enforcement is calling them a band of organized thieves... the group has been traveling from out of the area to target local mailboxes. According to investigators, thieves believed to be from Harvey County have been stealing mail from before people can get it.... Read More.

Winfield Police Looking for Tire Thieves

Winfield Police are continuing to look for the person or people responsible for taking tires, rims and lug nuts off a truck parked at Winfield Motor Co. early Wednesday morning. The truck in the photo is said to have circled the block several times in... Read More.