The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to helping those in our communities who need help or assistance through this COVID-19 Crisis. The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office is implementing a Delivery Program to assist local pharmacies with making deliveries to our rural community members who are unable to obtain their prescription medications personally. The medications must
be pre-paid and we will make the delivery for the pharmacy that is used. If you are elderly, handicapped or High Risk Individuals for COVID-19 with limited transportation please advise your pharmacy you will allow the Sheriff’s Office to make your delivery. They will contact us and we will transport your medications to you. This is a limited service only provided during this crisis to assist our community in the best possible way. Thank you to all of our pharmacies in Cowley County for allowing us to assist in making deliveries for our community!



David Falletti

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Christina McDonald

P.O. Box 47/911 Fuller

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