Ark City, KS
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Humidity: 39% Dew Point: 45°
Clouds: 0% Pressure: 29.95 in
Wind: S 15 mph Visability: 9 mi Conditions as of 12:52pm
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Clear throughout the day.
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6:48   8:08
82 59
Partly cloudy until afternoon and breezy throughout the day.
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78 64
Partly cloudy throughout the day.
10%   29%
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Here's What's Happening

Texas Storm Causes Damage – Unknown Injuries Sunday Night

Officials in North Texas say a Sunday night tornado caused significant damage and an unknown number of injuries in the small city of Van. This local resident says help is coming in from various places...

Flood Concerns

Flooding remains the concern here in the center of the country - after a series of tornados barreled through Oklahoma and Kansas. A paramedic service says 12 residents of a trailer park were taken to hospitals after their homes suffered damage from the storm.... Read More.


Powerful tornadoes blew across the Southern Plains yesterday- hitting parts of Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas hard- injuring at least 18 people - five critically - damaging hundreds of homes and businesses and cutting power to thousands more. Rich Thompson is a lead forecaster at... Read More.

Burden Man Killed In Crash

A rollover crash claimed the life of a Burden man early Tuesday morning. The accident happened around 7:30AM just northeast of Winfield. 54 year old Thomas Kidd was driving a Chevrolet Tracker when he crossed the center line, then drifted off the road and... Read More.

Still No Arrests In Shooting Case

As of early this morning, no suspect has yet been arrested in conneciton with the deadly shooting Monday night on Third Avenue in Winfield. It was just before 9pm when two men were shot with a shotgun. One of those men was hit in... Read More.

High Speed Chase Crashes Sheriff’s Vehicles

A high-speed chase last night ended with a collision between the vehicles of two Kay County sheriff’s deputies. It happened just east of Winfield, and began in Kay County at 9:10PM. The crash happened at about 9:30 at the intersection of 155th Road and... Read More.

Shooting In Winfield Leaves One Dead, One Critical

Breaking news overnight out of Winfield.... Police say one person is dead and another is listed as wounded following a shooting last night. It happened just before 9 on Third Avenue in Winfield. We know this morning that one person was shot, possibly in... Read More.

Bad Weather Forecast For Winfield & Ark City

The national Weather Service in Wichita says our chances of severe thunderstorms will shoot up considerably tonight and will continue on into Wednesday. According to forecasters, strong storms are possible tonight, with dime-sized hail, gusty winds and heavy rain the main concerns. Some of... Read More.